Cherry Dam Outlet Works & Rehabilitation

Hetch Hetchy
$3.1 Million

Cherry Dam Outlet Works & Rehabilitation
Owner-Hetch Hetchy
Location-Cherry Lake, CA
Contract Value-$3,063,400

Removal of Existing 66-inch hollow Jet valves and actuation systems. Installation of two (2) new 66-inch fixed cone valves complete with discharge hood, support bracing, and electric actuation system. Demolition of existing IFR system and removal of associated equipment. Installation of new DFR system complete with piping, fittings, linings and coatings, flanged nozzles, mechanical couplings, isolation valves, magnetic flowmeters, flow control valves, electric actuators, pipe Supports, air valves, and incidentals. Demolition and removal of existing electrical distribution panel, lighting panel, raceways, interior lighting, and conductors. Installation of new, wall-mount A/C distribution and lighting panels, interior and exterior lighting, surface mounted conduits, conductors, grounding provisions, manual transfer switch, and generator connection panel. Construction of reinforced concrete operating deck gusset and pipe Supports.