Who We Are


Our Core Competencies

We self-perform a full range of concrete, underground, water and temporary services work for public and private infrastructure projects. Thriving on close collaboration with each client, Anvil Builders delivers innovation and efficiency on every project.

  • Concrete:
    • Structural Concrete
    • Flatwork and Finish
  • Underground:
    • Welded Steel Pipe, Ductile Iron, PVC
    • Water Mains
    • Sewer / Storm Water
    • Fuel / Gas Piping
    • Irrigation
  • Water
    • Water Treatment Systems
    • Mechanical Pump Stations
    • Large Diameter Actuated Valve / Outlet Systems
    • Control / Remote Control Panels
  • Temporary Services:
    • Erecting and Operating Project Manlifts
    • Constructing / Maintaining Temporary Safety Systems
    • Construction Waste / Miscellaneous Debris Removal


To date, Anvil Builders has successfully delivered and self-performed tens of millions of dollars in municipal, state and federal contracts. Our recent work includes several significant San Francisco Bay Area infrastructure projects, including: Hilltop Drive Pump Station, Oceanside Treatment Plant, West Napa Street Water System Replacement and EBMUD Grand Avenue.


As a local San Francisco general contractor, Anvil Builders specializes in public works and infrastructure projects with an approach that is firmly structured on military standards, performance, and ethics.

After incurring permanent injuries from an attack during service in Iraq, HT Tran retired from the military and used his experience to build a career in government contracting and construction. In 2010, HT founded Anvil Builders along with two strategic partners, Alan Guy (President) and Richard Leider (EVP & CFO). Alan added key experience in large-scale urban construction, while Richard provided strategic direction from 25 years of experience in commercial construction and real estate.


Our Core Values

Our core purpose is to create opportunities that make an impact.

  • Safety: We are dedicated to the health and safety of our people – Anvil’s greatest asset. Our number one priority is an injury free workplace.
  • Grit: We achieve excellence for our clients and company with determination, perseverance, and a positive attitude. They say when the going gets tough, the tough get going.
  • Teamwork: We are inclusive, collaborative, patriotic and supportive of our team members. Through training and mentorship, we always strive to better each other.
  • Best in Class: We are innovative; constantly embracing new technology and identifying the best method to get the job done safely and efficiently.
  • Fun: Who says we can’t have fun?!


"The Transbay Transit Project is four city blocks long, with four above grade levels, and two subgrade levels. With the ever changing logistics on this large infrastructure project, Anvil has met all challenges head on. From implementing safety measures, providing construction personnel hoists, debris management, temporary access, to supplementing other subcontractor’s work, they have truly come through for us. This project was very challenging and Anvil was here day & night, weekends, and overtime, doing whatever it took to get the task done as we needed it. We are grateful to have had them as a partner on this project.”
Ryan Burke, Construction Manager
Webcor/Obayashi Joint Venture

“This dam was built in the 50s and these new valves are probably going to be here another 50 years or so. The incredible amount of effort and engineering all kind of comes together for a finished product like this. I think Anvil did a hell of a job.”
James Patterson, Watershed Keeper Supervisor
Hetch Hetchy Water & Power

“The importance of the contracted work here was huge. When the reservoir is full, it will be more than 200’ of water so these valves have got some heavy lifting to do and our equipment is only as good as the concrete it’s mounted to. Anvil’s done a good job.”
Rich Peabody, Field Technician
VAG North America Service Group

“I was most impressed working with Anvil because they were very fluid in complicated and difficult circumstances. We built a complex shoreline park together during one of the absolute wettest winters of my life and we got it done safely and completed it on time and on budget.”
Jeffrey Pike, President
Derrickson Pike Inc.