Emergency Disaster Clean Up

September 13, 2020 | Company News, News and Press

Anvil Builders is a civil engineering construction company based out of San Francisco with experience on a variety of projects throughout California. Areas of expertise include mass grading, total infrastructure packages, wet and dry utilities, and aviation fuel lines and distribution systems.


In the last two years, Anvil has performed hazardous debris removal in the fire-damaged communities of Redding (Carr Fire), Malibu (Woolsey Fire), Paradise (Camp Fire) and Sonoma County (NorCal Fires), employing more than 150 workers in up to 25 debris removal crews. These crews consist entirely of Hazwoper-certified employees, wearing Level C protective equipment, and are tasked with separating hazardous debris by material type, loading the debris into haul trucks, and then transporting the loads to the appropriate landfill or recycling facility. Anvil’s field crews are supported by a fully staffed disaster response team, set up and established in each of the effected communities. This tandem of a fully trained and experienced field team with onsite management provides Anvil with the ability to rapidly deploy in disaster zones and to quickly respond to unique conditions on the ground and to specific requests laid out by State and Federal agencies. In the case of recent cleanup efforts, Anvil has safely removed more than 400,000 tons of hazardous debris, providing devastated communities with that critical first step on the road to rebuilding and recovery.

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