Hilltop Drive Pump Station

San Carlos, CA

The Hilltop Drive Pump Station project is a renovation of critical infrastructure in the City of San Carlos, which will help improve water service reliability for local customers. Once completed, the station at Hilltop Drive will have three new booster pumps, a surge tank, and an emergency generator.


Anvil Builders was contracted for the demolition and removal of the existing 165,000-gallon water storage tank that had been decommissioned several years before. It was replaced with a new concrete-block building to house the new mechanical components, which included the booster pumps, the surge tank (to relieve excess water pressure in the system), and new electrical equipment to monitor and operate the station. Further improvements included site grading, the placement of a new concrete drive, and installing a secure fence and gate system for the property perimeter.


Challenges overcome during the course of construction included excavating through unanticipated hard-rock layers, phasing construction activities to keep the existing system active until the new system could be energized, and the difficulty of orchestrating the work on the small footprint of the site.

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