Pier 70

San Francisco, CA

Pier 70 in San Francisco was originally a steel shipyard established in the 1880’s by Union Iron works and then later owned by Bethlehem Steel. The shipyard was a key ship building location during World War 2 but was ultimately de commissioned and became the property of the City of San Francisco in 1982. The Port of San Francisco is now partnered with Brookfield Properties to turn this 28 Acre lot in San Francisco a waterfront destination for all. The Project will ultimately have 9 acres of parks and recreation area, up to 2,000 new homes, over 1 million SF of new office space, 115,000 SF of Retail space, 90,000 SF of arts and non profit space, and 60,000 SF of production and small manufacturing space.


All of this new development required completely new utility infrastructure to service all of the planned buildings and Anvil was contracted to install the bulk of it. Our work included installation of:


  • Just under 1 mile of domestic ductile iron water main ranging between 12’’ and 8’’ including service laterals and fire hydrants throughout the project.
  • 4,000’ of 8’’ ductile iron pipe for a reclaimed water system
  • 5,000’ of combined sewer main line with an average depth of 16’ deep with pipe raging from 48’’ RCP to 14’’ HDPE.
    • Also included over 50 sewer manholes, 30 catch basins and 30 sewer laterals to planned properties
  • 2,300’ of 20’’ ductile iron pipe for the City of San Francisco Auxiliary Water Supply System
    • Specialized pipe by Kubota with earthquake resistant joints
  • 3,200’ of 6’’ MDPE for Natural Gas service
  • 8,000’ of Joint Trench
    • All Electrical conduit to be owned by SFPUC to provide power to all future buildings
    • Multiple telecom conduits for different telephone and communication corporations to service future buildings
    • Street Light conduit for entire project

San Francisco International Fuel Farm

Well No.16 Pump Station Project