Our Commitment to Safety is Our #1 Core Value


Safety is our first priority, whether we’re working on an urban infill tower, a technically complex ground-up hospital or a small office tenant improvement project. From conception to completion, our safety program is fully integrated into every project phase to protect team members, subcontractors, clients and on-site partners.

This takes educating, motivating and rewarding everyone on the team to work safely and smartly.


Our Greatest Resource

Our employees are our greatest resource. In order to protect this resource, we continue to instill a safety culture that permeates every level of the company and every project site – we lead by example inside and out.

We plan for safety; we train for safety; we measure safety. We believe that our exemplary safety record is due to the proactive steps we take. We’ve modeled our safety standards after the US government’s training, some of the most stringent standards in existence.