Michael Brainard

Advisory Board

Michael Brainard brings more than 30 years of experience in successfully guiding medium to large corporations through the maze of the government contracting business, helping his clients win awards, perform successfully, control costs, and reduce claims. Since founding The Brainard Group, LLC in 2007, he has designed and implemented Government Compliance Programs for small and large businesses. He has represented a client in front of the Senate Commission on Wartime Contacting and he created the ARRA Compliance Program for a major U.S. City, in addition to providing a broad range of Government compliance business counsel services. He has headed up the Contacts, Procurement, Ethics and Compliance Departments for major, multi-national contractors. Mr. Brainard’s expertise covers Government Contracts Management and Administration, Government Compliance Programs, providing counsel on Government business, legal, and contractual matters, Federal Acquisition Regulation, Cost Accounting Standards, and other Government procurement regulations, implementing business management systems that are both compliant and profitable.

He has successfully completed scores of audits with repeated approvals of his systems and processes, with an approach to the government client that is transparent, following the rules and regulations, to engage the government in win-win fashion. Mr. Brainard has provided business counsel in the areas of intellectual property, export control, classified projects, and small business alliances including the Mentor-Protégé Program. Mr. Brainard is a frequent public speaker.