We are dynamic, growing, and focused on delivering safe, durable infrastructure for today and future generations. Excellence is in our DNA.

Dedicated to high standards

In 2017 alone, Anvil Builders poured 18,000 yards of concrete and laid nearly five miles of pipe. Our full time staff of 155 men and women worked for more than 300,000 hours tirelessly through one of the wettest winters ever recorded in California to deliver our aboveground and underground projects on time and on spec to the delight of our customers.


We meet those challenges by employing deeply experienced masters of their trade and craft who ensure that our estimating and delivery of structures and services is second to none. And they are actively mentoring the next generation of professionals by working side-by-side with them every day. Ours is not a passive industry that can be built with an app on a smart phone or PC. Successful delivery combines smarts, brawn and tangible materials. We wouldn’t have it any other way.


Anvil Builders is based in San Francisco, a city known for both its deep history and cutting edge innovation. This is an apt metaphor for how we approach every project we undertake; we are working with the very basis of modern civilization and infrastructure: concrete, steel, timber, sound engineering and sweat to repair, rebuilt and lay anew the systems that will deliver clean water, mass transit and safe structural foundations for today’s citizens and generations to come. We delivered 24 projects last year while working with the materials of the past and applying the technology of tomorrow.