We are dedicated to the health and safety of our people – Anvil’s greatest asset. Our number one priority is an injury free work place


We achieve excellence for our clients and company with determination, perseverance, and a positive attitude. They say when the going gets tough, the tough get going.


We are inclusive, collaborative, patriotic and supportive of our team members. Through training and mentorship, we always strive to better each other.

Best In Class

We are innovative; constantly embracing new technology and identifying the best method to get the job done safely and efficiently.


Who says we can’t have fun?!

Our Culture

Our driving purpose is to create opportunities that make an impact.

Anvil Builders was founded in the summer of 2010 by HT Tran, Alan Guy and Richard Leider. It was a bold move starting a company at this time, as the nation had yet to emerge from the depths of the Great Recession, but with a healthy dose of optimism and hard work, a new Bay Area construction company was up-and-running. Anvil’s namesake harkens back to HT’s time in the U.S. Army, where his Anvil Company was deployed to the War in Iraq. Unfortunately, HT’s tour of duty was cut short by grievous injuries for which he was awarded the Purple Heart. It was his indomitable spirit and sense of commitment that were ingrained in the company and helped propel Anvil Builders on its current trajectory. Those early days saw Anvil’s emphasis on City and State contracts, including notable successes at the San Francisco General Hospital, Transbay Terminal, and the San Francisco International Airport. Since then, the company has expanded into Anvil Power and Anvil Equipment, along with an emergency response division responsible for recovery efforts following some of California’s most devastating wildfires. Anvil has grown into one of the most sought after underground contractors in the Bay Area and the largest self-performing disaster response company in the country. From humble beginnings, Anvil has achieved remarkable growth and success in just the first ten years of business – a testament to its founding principles and core values of Safety, Grit, Teamwork, Best in Class, and Fun!

Our employees are our greatest asset and safety is our number one Core Value. Anvil Builders holds and maintains an outstanding safety record due to everyone’s commitment to safety. We focus on building a strong safety culture through mentoring, training, and personal responsibility. We empower every member of the Anvil team with the authority to stop work should they encounter an unsafe situation. From our CEO to the men and women in the field each has an obligation to ensure the safety of each other! We strive to ensure our employees return home to their families each every day and are committed to providing our employees with a safe and healthy workplace.

The MLG committee is devoted to fostering a company culture we are proud of and comfortable in. We believe the best way to build teamwork, grit, and best in class work ethic is through FUN! We host a variety of team bonding events throughout the year: bowling night, dodgeball leagues, Tough Mudder Races, ski trip, river rafting, BBQs in the park, family picnic, and much more.

[It] is not just about numbers – it is a calling to be inclusive, to value diversity, and to embrace and honor the unique characteristics of the communities where we work. Our Supplier Diversity Program and our diversity related business practices are integral to who we are as a business and human beings.” – Alan Guy, CEO.

Our investment into diversity, equity and inclusion does not stop at our front door. We are working towards making the construction industry a place to find fulfillment and meaningful contribution for people of every background or identity.

Anvil encourages employees in all stages of their career to keep learning, adding new tools to their belt and expertise to their portfolio. We achieve this by sponsoring attendance to classes and seminars.

Anvil is committed to empowering every employee to be a leader. We have partnered with Lighthouse Institute to help develop and draw out natural skills within our team members on their continued path of growth professionally and personally. Through Lighthouse we have become a high trust organization built from high performing teams with a shared purpose of pursuing greatness.

The nitty GRITTY

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Professional Memberships

Anvil Builders is committed to developing, and fostering, meaningful relationships with diverse and small businesses.

INTL Society of Arboriculture
Assoc. California Loggers
BuildOUT California
SF Chamber of Commerce
CSLB board member- Beavers

Anvil is a union contractor

We only hire the most qualified individuals in the construction industry and are affiliated with various unions.









Operators L.U.3
Carpenters L.U. 22
IBEW Local 302
IBEW Local 617
Operators L.U. 12

Pile Drivers Local 34

IBEW Local 332
IBEW Local 1245
Laborers 261
805 Carpenters
IBEW Local 340
Laborers L.U. 185

IBEW Local 6

IBEW Local 595