Permanente Creek

San Francisco, CA

The work for Permanente Creek Flood Protection Project Floodwall Retrofit project took place along the east bank of Permanente Creek and consisted of the following milestones. Install traffic control and construct a temporary detour for trail to Google Greenway trail, including HMA pavement and aggregate base, temporary handrailing, detour signage and striping, temporary protective barrier, and water pollution control elements. Remove approximately 7,400 square feet of existing trail pavement, including HMA and aggregate base, and remove and salvage four (4) separate speed control gates. Excavate soil down to existing floodwall footings, place drill and bond dowels and reinforcement for floodwall retrofits, pour and cure concrete, and backfill at footings. This required:

  • 270 CY of concrete
  • 975 CY of Structural Excavation

Final trail restoration stages included paving, & striping and markings.  Reinstallation of chain link fences and gates, trail signage and speed control gates, handrails, and restoration of slopes before opening access to the public.


Stern Grove