Webcor Celebrates SF Small Business Week

June 2, 2017 | News and Press

Webcor Builders (Webcor) is committed to providing opportunities for small businesses in all of our public works, private and federal projects. Part of Webcor’s business strategy is to promote the participation of small business on their projects and partner with the small businesses to foster their growth and success. In order to do this, Webcor focuses on outreach to advertise and recruit small businesses, provides smaller scopes of work to assist in successful delivery, and finally mentors and supports the small business as a member of the Webcor team.


Last week, the City and County of San Francisco celebrated Small Business Week to educate, support, and strengthen small businesses that work in San Francisco. Webcor participated in this event by supporting some of our business partners and clients during their presentations and emphasizing our outreach efforts on some of our major projects. One example was a presentation by SFO at the How to do Business with Transportation Agencies: BART, SFO, MTA & Caltrans workshops. During her presentation, Dana Lang, the SFO Small Business Affairs Officer, asked me to provide a short synopsis of the opportunities available at SFO and for a summary of the current and upcoming trade packages that need small business participation. Although it was an impromptu presentation, many of the small businesses in attendance contacted me afterwards and were very interested in working with Webcor.


Webcor Builders actively inspires, supports, recruits, and encourages the growth and success of small businesses and there are numerous small businesses that have worked on our projects and grown tremendously throughout the years. Through successful partnering and mentoring, many of the micro LBE companies that we frequently use on our projects, have grown in size and capacity and have also expanded into other scopes of work. One example is Anvil Builders. Hien Tran is president and CEO of Anvil Builders. Hien, pictured below, gave a presentation regarding how to be successful working for the State and Federal Government. He emphasized that a small business has to be nimble and explore profitable opportunities in order to grow. He also spoke about the importance of knowing when to pass on a project that may not be a good opportunity.


There were many interesting presentations and an event called Flavors of San Francisco that provided opportunities to network with various agencies and businesses. Below are some pictures of various agencies and business clients that were at the event.


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