Lower Crystal Springs Dam

San Mateo, CA

The scope of this project is to improve the flow of water discharged from Crystal Springs Reservoir to San Mateo Creek as native fish were getting caught and dying. This project part of the watershed and involved bypassing and draining a section of the creek. Biologist monitoring of the work was required at all times. To gain access to the work area 2 bypasses were installed from the existing discharge pipes. A dewatering system was then installed, and the creek section was pumped dry. This involved close coordination with the SFPUC who retained biologists to catch all the fish and relocate them to an active part of the creek. Once dry the creek was re-graded and riprap removed/replaced. A 24” ductile iron pipe was slip lined through an abandoned pipe section to provide a new primary discharge location for the creek. Flow control valves were installed on this new discharge output can now be controlled remotely.

SFO Jet Fuel Pump Pad

San Jose Outfall