SFO Jet Fuel Pump Pad

San Francisco, CA

As the second phase of San Francisco International Airport’s fuel system upgrade, this project was a unique with a large variety of different trade work. The scope of the project was dedicated to building a new pump pad and control facilities for fuel delivery to the San Francisco Airport. The work required demolition of existing jet fuel pumps, equipment, concrete & steel structures, and piping to repurpose the existing foundation. The Anvil team constructed new concrete foundations for an elevated Power distribution center & electrical equipment and a 15ft tall concrete fire wall. Once these were complete Anvil installed over 1000 ft of mechanical piping, eight new jet fuel hydrant pumps, and filter separators for quality control before distribution to the airfield. The team also replaced and upgraded existing valves and operators to modernize the facility’s system controls.

Well No.16 Pump Station Project

Lower Crystal Springs Dam